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High End Electronic Repair in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Repair Proz provide professional electronics repair services for all of your high-tech gadgetry. From fixing busted smartphones to PS3 repair, we do it all for less!

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Advanced PS3 Repair
Our economy repair ($79.95) fixes such as frustrating issues as the Yellow Light of Death; our premium repair ($99.95) includes pulling the GPU from your motherboard and replacing the solder. We can even rebuild your system if necessary. Most repairs take about an hour to complete.

Xbox 360s
Having trouble with your 360? Give us a call! We replace lasers and address everything from update problems to connection issues. Our economy repair ($49.95) addresses minor issues such as the 0102 Three Red Ring error, while our in-depth premium repair ($89.95) fixes overheating issues that lock up your system.

PlayStation 3s
Get your game on at Repair Proz. We address a wide variety of issues that plague the PS3, including:

♦ Hardware Failure
♦ Laser Replacements
♦ Overheating Issues
♦ Controller Sync Issues
♦ Wi-Fi™ Problems
♦ Blu-ray® Drive Problems

Tablet PCs
We repair LCD screens, digitizers, power units, and ports as well as address all software problems on a variety of tablet PCs, including:

♦ All Versions of the iPad® ♦ Samsung® Nexus™ ♦ Kindle® Fire™

Cell Phone Repair
Smartphones, cell phones, iPhones—we repair them all. Common issues include software problems, power issues, and cracked screens. We do all cell phone repairs in a Class 5 ISO portable clean room to ensure no dust particles get trapped beneath your screen. Screen repair starts at just $79.95.

Contact us right away at (866) 916-9233 or (615) 609-3279 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee,
for convenient PS3, tablet PC, and cell phone repair services.